July 18, 2017


We had a house guest last week! Can I just say how nice it was to have a pretty guest room? It's crazy what a coat of paint can do to a space. But, back to our house guest. M's littlest sister, who isn't little at all, came to visit us for a while. 

The kids were over the moon to have some one-on-one time with their aunt. She basically spoiled them with love and we did our best to play tourist guide for her!

Playing tourist in your own town is really fun, by the way. I realized how much we don't take advantage of where we live. Here's to changing that! 

We went to the drive-in movies to watch Despicable Me 3. We took a private tour on the local river to spot dolphins. I think that was the total favorite for all of us! There was an evening on the beach, fireworks, a baseball game, giant pool floats. 

 We walked the streets of Savannah for our favorite treat shop. All of our house guests always insist we take them here! The kids loved the free ferry ride across the river even though the heat was sweltering.

We ate family dinners together and hit our favorite food spots. We had late night movie nights. And, M and I even snuck out of the house together a few times for some quiet kid-less time.

It was a really great time!

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