June 1, 2017


Shopping is fun, right? But shopping with kids is a whole different thing! I get stuck carrying around a heavy bag full of snacks and diapers and any tricks I can find to get my kids through a shopping trip and generally I end up chasing Nico out of displays and answering nonstop questions from Lia. It normally isn't fun or productive!

So, I've started online shopping for my kids. It's easy enough to determine the size they'll need in most items and I can find great deals. A few of my go-tos are Gap, Old Navy, and H&M. But, my favorite is ThredUp. Thredup is an online consignment store for kids and adults. They only take the best of the crop!

This isn't a sponsored post! I just really love their service. The quality of items is always on point, the shipping is fast, and they have a great return policy. Or so I have read. I've always loved everything we've gotten and haven't had a need for their return policy.

I have high taste for my kids. I like timeless and fun pieces with good quality. I'm also a full-on hoarder when it comes to my kid's clothing. I get way too sentimental and we're not quite done growing our family just yet. So I try to find pieces that will live through more than one season and one kid. Old Navy and H&M can be good for basics but I find their pieces don't last through too many washes.

I love Crewcuts, Mini Boden, and Gap for kids. But honestly, their prices are usually out of our budget. When we have two kids constantly growing, I have to really shop on a budget. Which is where Thredup comes in.

I use their search engine to keep from going through thousands of pieces. I plug in the size I need and a few of my favorite brands and that narrows it down for me. On my last haul, I picked up a few Crewcut dresses. Lia has been living in them since they arrived!

Where are your favorite shops for kids? Let's hear them! xo

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