May 12, 2017


Happy Friday! This week has been all about our floor remodel. We are so close to the end and we've got a dust covered house to prove it!

It's Mother's Day weekend! Do you have any plans for the weekend ahead? We're off to get passports for the whole family and we plan on wandering through Mayfest, a local festival filled with art and food. And, Lia has been so excited to plan a surprise for me so I'm really looking forward to seeing what she comes up with!

I've noticed that as the school year is winding down, our routine is changing. Homework is no longer our first priority when getting home. Instead, we're throwing on swimsuits, grabbing sunscreen, and hitting the pool for an hour before we settle in for the evening. 

It's the perfect way to gear up for summer. Have you noticed your routine changing? Isn't it the best thing when the seasons change and you can feel the shift before one chapter and the next?

And a few things from this week.

You can get 15% off any booking from my business this month!
A book on my wishlist.
How silver linings work.
Melissa McCarthy as Spicer is hilarious every time.
This gorgeous Mexico-inspired fabric.
These cinnamon buns look fun and delicious.
And, a fitting tee for your littles this weekend. And every other weekend!

Happy Mother's Day, mamas! xo

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