May 9, 2017


I'm sure you guys may know already, but this week we are having new floors installed upstairs! It's making for quite a loud mess, but the designer in me is loving the results!

When we built our home four years ago, I wanted wood floors almost everywhere. That was the vision I had in my head. Of course, Manny had a different view and wanted carpets in the bedroom. We found middle ground and put wood floors throughout the downstairs and going up the stairs and carpet found a home upstairs. 

Fast forward four years, two kids, and two dogs later, our carpet was looking rough. Flat, matted patches in the doorways where we regularly walked. Stains from the dog. Stains from the kids. Carpet just gets worn out and old. We decided to dive in and just put in new wood floors. I went to Home Depot last week and picked out some laminate wood flooring that will hold up to the kids wear and tear AND any spills they happen to throw the floor's way and we hired a local guy to do the labor for us. 

We're about halfway through and the difference is amazing. I swoon a little every time I walk upstairs and see the new floors. 

Of course, living in a home under construction isn't my idea of a good time! :) There's dust and slivers of wood everywhere and we have furniture and boxes shoved in every corner possible. The kids get antsy not being allowed upstairs and have been dragging board games across the living room and making up things to play. Basically I have dice and Trouble pegs scattered around and last night I was subjected to a "check-up" where Nico stuck toy doctor things in my ears and mouth aggressively. 

But, it's all in the name making this place ours. And making fresh updates to our home always makes me happy!

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