May 30, 2017


The kids are at their grandparents house in North Carolina this week and I am staring down a long to-do catch up list and a quiet, empty week! The quietness is a little unnerving. I keep checking the time thinking I'll have to grab one kid from nap and the other from school! It's funny but as much as I am enjoying this little break, I also feel like I'm missing something. Two little somethings, to be exact!

With school ending, our floors being remodeled, and a slew of other home/business tasks, this month has completely gotten away from me. I'm not sure how it's about to be June! But, it is and summer is about to be in full swing so I thought it would be fun to recap the end of May and squeeze in all the moments I didn't get around to sharing and writing about.

Swim lessons for Nico didn't work out after a few scheduling issues with his potential coach. So, we're working on getting him in elsewhere meanwhile Lia was evaluated for swim lessons and she rocked it. She couldn't sign up fast enough!

Manny and I celebrated ten years of marriage. Ten years, two babes, one stinky dog, countless moves, and one small town we're setting down roots in. It's been everything.

Our floors are installed! It was definitely a project that was bigger than we expected. But, now that its done, I am so excited not to walk on carpet anymore and it frees our mind up for some more dreams and plans for our home. We're hoping to tackle the backyard next!

Here's to June! xo

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