May 2, 2017


I'm suffering from a classic case of vacation blues! Do you ever end a vacation with the blues?

We were so eager to get home to our babes but I think we'd have been just as happy to fly them over to us in Hawaii and live out our days in paradise!

I think what I miss most is how carefree and adventurous we felt on vacation. We tried new places to eat every day, we threw our plans to the wind, we hiked, and drove down unknown roads. We infused our trip with magic and it was just what we needed.

But now that we're back, I'm finding myself feeling uninspired and weighed down by my dirty, messy hair, the lack of time to do anything but what it takes to keep our house running, the piles of laundry, and the idea of cooking dinner again every night.

I'm thinking I need to infuse some magic in our everyday life. Our charming little town can be our paradise. Here's to finding that magic.  XO

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