May 16, 2017


Everyone has that busy weeknight where putting dinner on the table feels like more of a struggle than usual. Monday nights are those nights for us. Lia has ballet right in the middle of dinner time and then bedtime follows closely after.  Monday nights just aren't always a smooth night for us.

We have our weeks where take-out or pizza is our go-to and we've tried eating dinner after ballet but it's just easiest to have something ready or something easy to make before ballet. Bedtime doesn't get too crazy then and we can still end a hectic Monday night with a little peace.

Enter, my favorite easy recipe. Tostadas.

The fun thing about tostadas is you can make them as easy or complicated as you want! I have a few different variations we eat on a regular basis, but when we're in a rush I always fall back on this one.

I found the black bean recipe flipping through a magazine one day and it's so simple. Puree canned (drained) black beans with some cilantro, half a jalapeƱos (diced), lime juice from half a lime, and a couple tablespoons of water then heat up! 

I also grab a rotisserie chicken while I am out that day and simply chop it and reheat it when we're ready to go. The mojo flavor from Publix is our favorite!

Add in diced tomatoes, shredded lettuce, cheese, and your favorite hot sauce and you have a meal that's perfect for a busy weeknight!


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