April 28, 2017


It's Friday, friends! I hope you've all had a week worth having. Ours was surprisingly quick! We got back to our roots with story time and Thursday evening trips to the Farmer's Market and brought home some new plants.

We're counting down the days until summer break. Is anyone else feeling a little burned out this time of year? I'm craving relaxed schedules, days at the pool, and having the freedom to do a little more with our days. Popsicles, evenings under the stars, and a summer list full of fun things? Yes, please!

This weekend, though, we're doing a little house work while we prep to have wood floors installed next week. We'll be busy packing up everything that's upstairs and tackling another wall that's been waiting on paint in the playroom. I am so excited to get these floors installed. I've wanted these floors since we moved in a few years ago and it's so fun to think about updating our home and bringing design dreams to life.

And a few things from this week.

A great article on mothering.
A chick-fil-a like sandwich recipe!
A Dr. Pepper fountain. What?!
An interesting read on Rosemary Kennedy.
Have you watched Hulu's new series The Handmaid's Tale? I'm hooked and terrified all at the same time!
Oh, Ellen. Twenty years!
And, we love Yahtzee here. This DIY version looks fun!

Happy weekend, xo!

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