April 7, 2017


Happy Friday, friends! It's officially spring break here and I'm blogging from the road. We are driving the kids to their grandparents house in North Carolina before we fly off on a much-needed kids-free trip to Hawaii!

I've got simple dresses and floppy hats packed and my kindle is brimming full of books to dive into. I'm most excited to eat a quiet, uninterrupted meal where there's no food or forks flying out of the hands of an angry toddler! Oh, and a long scenic drive where I can enjoy the view without playing round after round of i-spy and telling knock knock jokes until I'm blue in the face. Ha! :) 

The blog will be quiet the next two weeks while we soak up the rays and totally immerse ourselves in this vacation but if you really want to keep up with what we're up to - follow me on instagram. I'll share our trip there on the daily!

And, a few things from this week.

My heart is broken over the Syria crisis. If yours is too - here's a few things you can do.
This would be on the menu if we were going to be home for Easter.
This makes me feel a bit better about my on the road dinner choice!
Pretzels! A DIY pin cushion.

Happy weekend, xo!

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