April 4, 2017


These kids belong at the beach. They take to the ocean and the sand like little fish. 

Lia runs right to the water like she belongs there. Laughing as she gets knocked down and then comes out of the water with hundreds of tiny shells embedded in her hair.

Nico is a little more cautious with the water. He holds hands with someone but begs to go our further and further. Belly laughs escape his mouth after he sucks in air as the cold water soaks his shirt. 

There's just something about spending that magic hour at the beach. Tiny toes stuffed into flip fops. Sun hats flying off heads. Sandy fingers pulling the wagon. Wind-blown hair and sun-kissed skin.

We may not have mountains or snow or four real seasons, but we get to raise our babies by the sea and that's alright with me.

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