March 14, 2017


We've been living here in this charming little town for a little over 5 years now. It's the most amount of time we have lived in one place since we were married 10 years ago! I took these photos last August and never got around to posting them. We spent the evening wandering the streets of downtown and I fall in love with this place we call home a little more each time we do.

Sometimes I take for granted that we have found a place that we may call our forever home. I go through phases of alternating between wanting to embrace everything this place has to offer and feeling like we are stuck there.

But, the truth is, I really do feel at home here. Our family fits here. 

I like the local vibe, the small restaurants, the lack of billboards, and the dolphins that live in the local waters. I like that the cashiers at our local grocery store know my kids. I like picking daffodils every February. I even like that we basically have no use for mittens and heavy coats. 

It's home and it's equally fun and scary to imagine our forever life here.

Where is home for you?

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