March 31, 2017


Happy Friday, friends! I, for one, am so happy that this week is over. Recovering from strep has not been fun and now that I am finally feeling better, I am ready for the weekend. We're going to an egg hunt tomorrow afternoon and then playing catch-up on the house stuff that's gotten left behind in the mess of the past week.

The week wasn't all rough though. Lia aced her spelling test in school today and that's a pretty big deal! Nico has learned to say "tickle tickle" and runs around with his shirt pulled up asking for tickles. And tonight we whisked the kids off to the beach. It was the most spur of the moment decision but it was perfect. The weather was a dream (besides the wind!) and the kids were the happiest that I have seen them in awhile.

A few things from this week
Charlie Harper has landed at The Land of Nod and it's adorable.
Goodbye, dandelion.
Lisa Kudrow gives baby advice!
These sweet Shakespearean babes are locals.
The Bachelorette filmed in our town this week!
And... How to meet mom friends.

Have a great weekend!

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