March 17, 2017


Happy St. Patrick's Day! Are you wearing green today? Do you have some fun ideas and tricks planned for your kiddos?

I always have grand plans to make holidays a little extra fun but this year it just hasn't been happening. I think my anxiety and stress has been taking over my brain a bit lately. But, I do have plans to make these cookies with the kids over the weekend. 

How is your Friday going? Nico was happy to have a few friends over to play with this morning and I think I'm taking Lia to see Beauty and the Beast tonight! She's been asking about it lately and it was my favorite as a girl. 

Our week was a long and cold one. Lia's getting over strep and Nico has been pushing buttons and voicing his opinion the only way he knows how - crying! But, we did venture out for a school family fun night with the kids, share a pizza, and belt out a few Moana songs.

And a few things from this week.

The most gorgeous guest house.
The Lego set we want AND need.
A dining room update I am crushing on.
What biracial people know. An interesting read.
A statue we should all see.
And, THE best makeup tutorial. I was laughing out loud!


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