March 6, 2017


Weekend links are coming to you on a Monday! Friday turned busy and we were offered up free babysitting for a date night on Saturday so all other plans went out the window!

Last week was a fun one! L's school celebrated Dr Seuss with little events every day so it was fun to throw something different into our morning routine. 

I've been working on finding balance between taking care of the kids and the house, taking care of my business, and me-time/couple-time. Some days it's hard to force myself to sit down and set aside work time. I've owned my business for about half a year now. It's picking up this month as I'm restructuring it and I'm finding my way. Still, it's almost unbelievable and I find myself justifying work-time when there's nothing to justify. I'm trying to make myself believe that my work is valid and important and real. 

But, speaking of couple-time, M and I are gearing up for a dreamy island vacation next month. It's our fill-in honeymoon since we never took one and I CAN NOT WAIT. 

All in all though, last week was a good one.

A funny moment from the week \\ We found a new local pizza place and we've been several times now. We got the margharita pizza over the weekend and when it came to the table, Lia was surprised to see "leaves on our pizza!".

And a few things from last week.

I need this for the pool. 
And this for me!
THIS is getting me even more excited for upcoming our trip to Hawaii. 
Hidden Figures was a great movie. Now I need to read the book
And lastly, I'm pulling together my first hired party this weekend! I'm thinking these will be a fun party favor to go along with the "breakfast theme"!
If you want to check out my party and home styling business, you can here!


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