January 20, 2017


Happy Friday night!

It's been an emotional one, I'm sure. We're a mixed household here regarding politics but we respect each other and we continue to teach our kids the things we value. On our way to dinner tonight, Lia told me that she hopes that Donald Trump makes good decisions like Barack Obama. She told me she overhears the conversations that Manny and I have had during this election and she just wants good decisions to be made. This coming from a 7 year old who is quickly showing us that she's wise beyond her years.

My hope is just that. Let's make good decisions. Let's keep the hope and love flowing.

When the world feels too big and challenging, I stick to what's comfortable. We spent a lot of time at home this week. Cooking a few dinners, breaking up sibling fights, changing sheets, reading a good book, working on homework, playing outside. A sweet friend dropped off flowers. I watched too much Netflix and freshened up some decor switching things from one room to another.  Hunkering down weeks are good for the soul.

Twinkling lights are cozying up our house tonight. We're all home tonight watching live coverage on the inauguration. The kids are curled up underneath the desk as I write. Friday nights like these are a dream.

And a few things from this week.

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And, some sweet words to end the week with.


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