January 6, 2017


The first week of 2017 is in the books! Did you spend the week working on resolutions? I spent the week tackling a few behind the scenes things (like organizing ALL the photos from last year) and snuggling my littlest who's feeling under the weather.

And while I didn't make resolutions, I am excited about the things I want to do this year. Read more books. Stay on top of things. Try something new. Say yes to more adventures and no to the things that my heart isn't in. Grow my business. Do more puzzles.

We took a trip to the library this week and stocked up on books and movies. Lia is really growing in the reading department. What once was a struggle is something she's starting to get and I couldn't be happier for her. It makes bedtime reading far less painful! We also realized that the kids needed a serious introduction to Disney classics after our recent trip to Disney World. We started with 101 Dalmatians (the animated version and the real-life one), since it was one of the room themes at our resort hotel, and it was a hit! I'm still trying to decide which one to show them next. Any suggestions?

Lia got new glasses and turned seven recently. All of a sudden, she's changed! It's quite crazy how fast they grow and how a new age brings so many changes. I'm trying to keep up!

And, the rest of the week kept us busy getting back on track and taking down Christmas decorations. I hope yours found you just as well!

And, a few things from this week.

Minimalism. From someone, whom I think, nailed it.
Telling anxiety to STOP.
This skirt trend.
The pantone color of the year is bright surprise!
Making friends as an adult. Has anyone found this task easy yet?
A gorgeous DIY vase. I can just picture a bouquet of spring flowers to go along with it.
The best New Year resolutions that I have read yet.


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