January 4, 2017


+ I binged the last season of Downton Abbey.
+ Nico turned ONE!
+ I struggled between the limbo of post-holiday craze and a fresh new year.
+ Lia lost two baby teeth!

+ We hit up Ikea and it was glorious.
+ Nico got his first tooth!
+ Lia discovered Legos.
+ We celebrated Valentine's Day.
+ M's little sister came and spent some time with us!

+ Our bugs spent a little time feeling crummy.
+ Nico took his first trolley ride at the farmer's market.
+ I struggled with stress and anxiety and had to step back for a while.
+ We celebrated Easter with my family.
+ And, the Clydesdale horses came to town.

+ Lia went on her first field trip to the beach!
+ We spent a lot of time outside.
+ We spent a wild day at the zoo.
+ And, we celebrated our favorite guy's birthday! 

+ Our girl graduated Kindergarten!
+ We spent some quiet and magical nights as a family on the beach.
+ We celebrated Mother's Day in Savannah doing some of my favorite things.

+ We spent lots of time running barefoot in our yard.
+ My guy and I went out on a date for tacos.
+ Nico learned to climb the playset ladder.
+ There was lots of chalk and water play.
+ M's other sister came out for a visit.
+ And, we celebrated Father's Day!

+ There were more tacos.
+ Lia took swimming lessons!
+ Nico grew like a weed.
+ I finished up another semester of school.
+ Lia had her first sleepover!
+ And we discovered Washington, DC together!

+ Lia took another round of swim lessons.
+ And, learned to swim!
+ We said goodbye to summer with another backyard movie.
+ And said hello to first grade!
+ I started my last semester.
+ And, I turned thirty!

+ There was a fun donut morning at the park.
+ We painted our interior doors black!
+ There was another wild day at the zoo.
+ We slapped some black paint on the playroom walls too.
+ Nico learned how to climb onto the bathroom sink and brush his teeth.
+ And, there was a lot of time spent at the pool.

+ We evacuated our home during Hurricane Matthew.
+ And, spent a whirlwind week in a little town somewhere in Georgia.
+ I bought ALL the pumpkins.
+ We celebrated Halloween all together.
+ And, jumped in piles of leaves.

+ We all voted as a family.
+ We took a surprise road trip to visit my family in North Caorlina.
+ I threw a sweet friend a babyshower!
+ Nico explored a fire truck.
+ There was hot chocolate and fried doughy foods.
+ We celebrated a special Thanksgiving lunch with L at school.
+ We celebrated Thanksgiving at home.
+ Then, I binged all four Gilmore Girl revival episodes.  

+ We decked the halls with twinkly lights and felt garlands.
+ Manny's mom came to visit us.
+ The kids soaked up all of her time here!
+ We chopped down our Christmas tree again.
+ And, watched Lia sing in her school concert.
+ There was more hot chocolate with toasted marshmallows.
+ I watched all the cheesy holiday movies.
+ I finished my degree!
+ And, enjoyed the peace that came with it.
+ We did all the celebrating.
+ I chopped off my hair!
+ Lia danced in her winter recital.
+ And, she lost another baby tooth! 
+ We all were attacked by a terrible stomach virus.
+ We recovered just in time for christmas morning.
+ And a surprise trip to Disney.
+ We ended up the year with good food, cheer, and lots of family time.

2016 had it's moments. Some people hated it. Some people loved it. I chose to embrace what I could and move past what I couldn't. 2017 is here and with it comes a clearer mind for me. I'm dealing with my anxiety in positive ways. I'm excited for a new, fresh year despite the challenges I know it will hold. 

I have no "one word" or "resolutions". I just have millions of choices ahead to make and I'm choosing to embrace them with a clear and open mindset. 

I do hope to get back into blogging. I've missed it terribly and I really miss having our memories and moments documented here. So, here's to that! 

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