January 28, 2017

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Happy Saturday! It's been a doozy full of grocery shopping, running errands, and trying to keep up with our wild ones. I was all set tonight to grab some popcorn and catch up on a few episodes of House of Cards with my guy until he was called into work. So, the kids are tucked into bed and I'm flying solo with popcorn and Scandal. The made-up political drama in Scandal is a little break from the too-real political drama clouding our days.

Some days I need a "political-filter" on social media so I can ignore it all for awhile. It's just too much. But, I try to find the balance between listening so that I can learn from it and not listening so it doesn't eat away at me.

And, a few things from this week.

Some amazing from the Women's March.
And, another equally honorable view on the march.
Anne Frank was a refugee, too.
A to-do list I can always be up for.
Parenting missed connections.
A colorful puzzle.
A fun throw pillow.
And, a book I'm adding to my list to read.

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January 24, 2017

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She's been my gal pal for seven years now. It's been a wild ride.

She's in the 1st grade now and she loves to learn. She's learning to read and my heart soars each night that she makes her way through a book.

She's into all things girly like make-up and painting her nails and wearing dresses and skirts every chance she gets.

She's into playing games on her iPad, crafting up art projects and little drawings that she spreads around the house, she's recently come to love macaroons, and she loves American Girl books.

She's growing up so quickly and it shows, but at the same time she wants us to remember that she's still little. It's a delicate balance that we strive to reach every day with her.

She's the best big sister. She's the best daughter. She's the best everything.
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January 23, 2017

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This sweet handsome boy turned two earlier this month! I can't remember the days before he was a part of our little clan. He brightens our days with his smile and big belly laughs. He's the most lovable little boy - always at the ready to dish out hugs and kisses and high fives.

He just learned where his nose, eyes, and ears are! It's a fun new trick we are having so much fun with. He's the pickiest little eater and he's convinced he can survive on applesauce, yogurt, and pretzels. Bunny is his sidekick and he's been so loved in the past year that his nose is rubbing off. He loves Mickey Mouse, Doc McStuffins, and Paw Patrol. He loves to dance and jump. And, he loves to chase his sister around and drive her crazy.

He's the best little thing and we love him so! 
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January 20, 2017

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Happy Friday night!

It's been an emotional one, I'm sure. We're a mixed household here regarding politics but we respect each other and we continue to teach our kids the things we value. On our way to dinner tonight, Lia told me that she hopes that Donald Trump makes good decisions like Barack Obama. She told me she overhears the conversations that Manny and I have had during this election and she just wants good decisions to be made. This coming from a 7 year old who is quickly showing us that she's wise beyond her years.

My hope is just that. Let's make good decisions. Let's keep the hope and love flowing.

When the world feels too big and challenging, I stick to what's comfortable. We spent a lot of time at home this week. Cooking a few dinners, breaking up sibling fights, changing sheets, reading a good book, working on homework, playing outside. A sweet friend dropped off flowers. I watched too much Netflix and freshened up some decor switching things from one room to another.  Hunkering down weeks are good for the soul.

Twinkling lights are cozying up our house tonight. We're all home tonight watching live coverage on the inauguration. The kids are curled up underneath the desk as I write. Friday nights like these are a dream.

And a few things from this week.

Pixar Easter Eggs!
What the real Downton Abbey looked like.
Love and presidency. 
What I had to say about the inauguration and our future.
A historic with a modern touch home tour that is fresh and gorgeous.
This Is Us was renewed and I couldn't be more excited!
And, some sweet words to end the week with.

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January 19, 2017

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A late morning bath and a bottle of foamy soap. A bit of magic that helped me capture this pure moment. And, just like that, my soul was refreshed. A corner of my tiredly overworked mind has cleared and now I can take in some joy of our day instead of staying in the moody, tiring fog I've been in for weeks. What seems like never-ending sickness around here and things piling up (laundry, dishes, clutter, you name it....) and I stopped seeing the little joys that are also piling up. The giggles, the smiles, the tiny pitter patter of toes running through the house. The perfect grocery store roses. Finishing a crossword puzzle. A pile of magazines and a quiet afternoon.

The funny thing about anxiety and bad days and moody weeks is that the good stuff doesn't stop happening. There's no sudden stop to the flow of good and happy things. Our brains just can't see them as vividly. 

"Those who move forward with a happy spirit will find that things will always work out." Gordon B. Hinckley

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January 18, 2017

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I'm just popping in today between loads of laundry and entertaining a two year old. We've been busy passing germs around to each other and trying to bounce back since last week. I can honestly say I have never been more sick and tired of being sick and tired! 

On the bright side, the kids have bounced back well and are busy growing and learning. Lia told me about Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. last night. It's part of their history lesson in school and I'm just amazed at what she's retaining and how it pops out in ordinary conversation. And, Nico. Well, Nico is busy being two. The terrible two's are real and he's trying to find the balance between being independent and expressing what he needs when he's still little and doesn't really talk.

They keep me busy, that's for sure.
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January 6, 2017

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The first week of 2017 is in the books! Did you spend the week working on resolutions? I spent the week tackling a few behind the scenes things (like organizing ALL the photos from last year) and snuggling my littlest who's feeling under the weather.

And while I didn't make resolutions, I am excited about the things I want to do this year. Read more books. Stay on top of things. Try something new. Say yes to more adventures and no to the things that my heart isn't in. Grow my business. Do more puzzles.

We took a trip to the library this week and stocked up on books and movies. Lia is really growing in the reading department. What once was a struggle is something she's starting to get and I couldn't be happier for her. It makes bedtime reading far less painful! We also realized that the kids needed a serious introduction to Disney classics after our recent trip to Disney World. We started with 101 Dalmatians (the animated version and the real-life one), since it was one of the room themes at our resort hotel, and it was a hit! I'm still trying to decide which one to show them next. Any suggestions?

Lia got new glasses and turned seven recently. All of a sudden, she's changed! It's quite crazy how fast they grow and how a new age brings so many changes. I'm trying to keep up!

And, the rest of the week kept us busy getting back on track and taking down Christmas decorations. I hope yours found you just as well!

And, a few things from this week.

Minimalism. From someone, whom I think, nailed it.
Telling anxiety to STOP.
This skirt trend.
The pantone color of the year is bright surprise!
Making friends as an adult. Has anyone found this task easy yet?
A gorgeous DIY vase. I can just picture a bouquet of spring flowers to go along with it.
The best New Year resolutions that I have read yet.

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January 4, 2017

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+ I binged the last season of Downton Abbey.
+ Nico turned ONE!
+ I struggled between the limbo of post-holiday craze and a fresh new year.
+ Lia lost two baby teeth!

+ We hit up Ikea and it was glorious.
+ Nico got his first tooth!
+ Lia discovered Legos.
+ We celebrated Valentine's Day.
+ M's little sister came and spent some time with us!

+ Our bugs spent a little time feeling crummy.
+ Nico took his first trolley ride at the farmer's market.
+ I struggled with stress and anxiety and had to step back for a while.
+ We celebrated Easter with my family.
+ And, the Clydesdale horses came to town.

+ Lia went on her first field trip to the beach!
+ We spent a lot of time outside.
+ We spent a wild day at the zoo.
+ And, we celebrated our favorite guy's birthday! 

+ Our girl graduated Kindergarten!
+ We spent some quiet and magical nights as a family on the beach.
+ We celebrated Mother's Day in Savannah doing some of my favorite things.

+ We spent lots of time running barefoot in our yard.
+ My guy and I went out on a date for tacos.
+ Nico learned to climb the playset ladder.
+ There was lots of chalk and water play.
+ M's other sister came out for a visit.
+ And, we celebrated Father's Day!

+ There were more tacos.
+ Lia took swimming lessons!
+ Nico grew like a weed.
+ I finished up another semester of school.
+ Lia had her first sleepover!
+ And we discovered Washington, DC together!

+ Lia took another round of swim lessons.
+ And, learned to swim!
+ We said goodbye to summer with another backyard movie.
+ And said hello to first grade!
+ I started my last semester.
+ And, I turned thirty!

+ There was a fun donut morning at the park.
+ We painted our interior doors black!
+ There was another wild day at the zoo.
+ We slapped some black paint on the playroom walls too.
+ Nico learned how to climb onto the bathroom sink and brush his teeth.
+ And, there was a lot of time spent at the pool.

+ We evacuated our home during Hurricane Matthew.
+ And, spent a whirlwind week in a little town somewhere in Georgia.
+ I bought ALL the pumpkins.
+ We celebrated Halloween all together.
+ And, jumped in piles of leaves.

+ We all voted as a family.
+ We took a surprise road trip to visit my family in North Caorlina.
+ I threw a sweet friend a babyshower!
+ Nico explored a fire truck.
+ There was hot chocolate and fried doughy foods.
+ We celebrated a special Thanksgiving lunch with L at school.
+ We celebrated Thanksgiving at home.
+ Then, I binged all four Gilmore Girl revival episodes.  

+ We decked the halls with twinkly lights and felt garlands.
+ Manny's mom came to visit us.
+ The kids soaked up all of her time here!
+ We chopped down our Christmas tree again.
+ And, watched Lia sing in her school concert.
+ There was more hot chocolate with toasted marshmallows.
+ I watched all the cheesy holiday movies.
+ I finished my degree!
+ And, enjoyed the peace that came with it.
+ We did all the celebrating.
+ I chopped off my hair!
+ Lia danced in her winter recital.
+ And, she lost another baby tooth! 
+ We all were attacked by a terrible stomach virus.
+ We recovered just in time for christmas morning.
+ And a surprise trip to Disney.
+ We ended up the year with good food, cheer, and lots of family time.

2016 had it's moments. Some people hated it. Some people loved it. I chose to embrace what I could and move past what I couldn't. 2017 is here and with it comes a clearer mind for me. I'm dealing with my anxiety in positive ways. I'm excited for a new, fresh year despite the challenges I know it will hold. 

I have no "one word" or "resolutions". I just have millions of choices ahead to make and I'm choosing to embrace them with a clear and open mindset. 

I do hope to get back into blogging. I've missed it terribly and I really miss having our memories and moments documented here. So, here's to that! 
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