November 9, 2016


History was made last night. And, as with a lot of historical moments, it wasn't all good. It feels like America is torn in half. It feels like a situation that can't be wiped away and can't be explained.

For lack of words and answers, I am choosing to stay inside today. My quiet home holds all that I love and hold dear. I can wrap myself up in a warm sweater, binge watch Gilmore Girls and focus on the things that I need to do. All is right in my living room and that gives me hope and clarity. Because while I can't change the whole world, I know that we are raising our children in a home that is warm and inviting and inspiring. We are teaching them what we want them to know and how to love and respect others and we are taking care of every need that they have.

These kids are going to change the world some day. They have so much to add to it and we just have to keep pushing through to get there.

Love and respect, guys.


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