September 19, 2016

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Hi, friends! I skipped out for a bit since I last posted. Things have been busy! As usual, of course. I cannot believe it's mid-September already. I'm counting down the days until this show premieres, buying mini pumpkins like it's my job, and dreaming of cool breezes and making caramel apples.

Actually, come to think of it, buying mini pumpkins is kind of like my job now. I recently opened up a design consultation business. It's in the newborn phase. I'm just getting started taking on a few friends who need some inspiration, making business cards, and getting my website going. It was something that once I decided to do it, I didn't look back. It terrifies me too much to stop and think about it!

I'm only 3ish months away from graduating with my associates! I'm scoping out a local university and making plans for what's to come next. While I love design, I'm really craving work dealing with children's literature.

The kids are doing well. School is flying by and Lia is thriving well, if not a little tired. Nico is a wild boy, STILL. He busies himself all day getting into things he shouldn't be into and trying to scale furniture and windows. It's an interesting stage. He's also 4 months shy of being two (for real!) and I can see a good peak into the terrible two stage again. I didn't miss it!

This bombing in Manhattan was terrible. My brother-in-law recently became an NYPD and now news stories put me on edge even more than before.

+ A polar/grizzly bear hybrid? It sounds strange but I kind of love the nod to interracial relationships.

+ 271 years before Pantone, an artist mixed and described every color imaginable in an 800-page book.

+ I'm sprucing up the playroom in our home and I'm eyeing this chair for a fun reading nook.

+ Milk and Cookies cake, yes please!

+ Halloween costume inspiration for my littlest wild one.

+ I think we should all go out and make this sign and hang it up in our neighborhoods.

+ My new business - The Gray Casa. Take a peek, if it's your thing.

Enjoy your week, xo!

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