July 22, 2016

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Does anyone else love a great summer movie? There's nothing like one to get you in the mood for the season. My favorite way to watch is in the backyard! We set up a projector and a white sheet I picked up at a local thrift store. Then, we make some popcorn or even take dinner outside and settle in. I think we'll set a backyard movie up right before school starts back to send summer off in style.

There's so many "summer" movies out there but these are our favorites. We introduced Lia to Troop Beverly Hills about a month ago and we all had fun watching it as a family. And, of course, Dolphin Tale. You can't live by the ocean without totally falling for this movie. Last week, a local park set up Flipper outside by the water and we fell for that one too!

If you want a grown-up movie night, you can't go wrong with Dirty Dancing and Grease and a pizza or a summer-inspired drink to go along with your popcorn.

What are your favorite summer movies? Anything I should add to our list? 
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July 20, 2016

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reading Summer Sisters by Judy Blume. I can't decide how I like it just yet.

creating new spots to love around the house.

enjoying being entertained all day by these kids.

finishing my summer semester!

feeling well put in the current season. I'm usually itching for Fall but this time around I'm enjoying what's current.

spending our mornings at swim lessons and our evenings at the pool.

crossing things off our summer list.

eating all the strawberries and melons we can buy. And, tacos. Because tacos are always a good idea.
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July 19, 2016

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This guy turned 18 months old about a week ago. He's right in that sweet spot where there's a tiny bit of baby chub left and he doesn't completely look like a full-grown kid. He just looks almost like a completely full-grown kid!

That hair! I'm stumped. I can't bring myself to cut it again. I just can't. Also, I don't even want to imagine how he'd do in a barber shop. He can just keep pulling off that shaggy beach look. It's works for around here anyways.

He's got 8-10 teeth. I haven't counted lately because he bites. He thinks it's something funny to do. He's a comedian, this one.

His personality is really starting to shine. He's active and outgoing. He's a major flirt. He likes to explore and figure things out for himself. He also loves to climb and play ball. He's independent but clingy. He's a total mama's boy and I don't hate it.

It's almost like I have my own personal Curious George and I kind of love it. Life with him is just really fun. It's really exhausting too, but it's really fun. 
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July 18, 2016

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We finally took the plunge (ha!) and signed L up for swim lessons. Being surrounded by water and finally having a pool in our neighborhood meant it was time to get serious. She had her first lesson this morning and I can't say she was the biggest fan. There were some tears and pouting. She wasn't overly willing to try new things. Though, she did at least walk into the pool and put in some effort.

It's funny because I see so many qualities of mine in her yet those same qualities frustrate me when she won't open up and try something new. Parenthood, man. I know she WANTS to swim, but she can't be pushed. Her coach is laid back and keeps her patience while being firm, so we've got that going for us. Fingers crossed some swimming confidence finds its way to our girl this week.
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