May 25, 2016



I don't know that I actually have the words to write this post. I'd like to say that they were pouring from my fingers but they aren't. My girl is in her last days of Kindergarten and I am struggling with the fact that I will have a first grader.

I can't be the only mom that struggles between the thought of being happy that her kids are growing up so well and being sad that time passes by so quickly. I was right here. I was RIGHT HERE. I brought them home from the hospital bundled up. I fed them and bathed them and I was there for every single moment. Soccer practices and dance recitals. Scrapes and bumps and hospital stays. Haircuts and first days of school. Birthdays and Christmas mornings. I saw them all. I was right there. Yet, it feels almost impossible that we are here. That we've reached this milestone where our girl has graduated from Kindergarten.

So, to my darling daughter...

You did it! This was all you, babe. I may have washed your uniforms and packed your lunches and made sure to drop you off every morning on time. I may have been there for a field trip and special events. I may have always been around to cheer you on and support you. But, this? It was you, my sweet girl. You found the confidence and bravery inside of you to find your way through Kindergarten in a brand new school. You opened your heart to new friends. You opened your mind to new things. You let your comfort circle grow to encompass your classroom and your hallway and your teachers and all the new situations you found yourself in. You worked hard to learn to read. You focused when you needed to. You picked up new skills and new words. You learned and you grew and you thrived. It was always you. I am so proud of you! 

You are just embarking on a new adventure again. First grade is another new beginning and before we both know it, you'll be moving on to even bigger and better things. It hurts to let you go even though I know it's something I have to do. I have to give you your space to grow and flourish. I just want you to remember one thing though. When you face something new and you are scared or nervous or uncomfortable and when you are dealing with people who do not make you feel like your best...just remember, it doesn't matter what others are doing, it matters what YOU are doing. And you, beautiful girl, you are rocking life.

Mama loves you, xo.

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