January 13, 2016


Guys, we did it. This year has been a whirlwind. We loved just as hard as we struggled. And now that we're all sort of sleeping a little more and bottles are almost something of the past, we're all kind of coming out of the first-year haze.

Twelve months....

Weighs 20 lbs 9 oz and wears 6-12 and 12 month clothing.
Takes a few bottles a day but we're mixing cow's milk with his usual formula.
Eats table food along with baby food and snacks.
Loves spaghetti, carrots and scrambled eggs. Hates organic yogurt so far.
Is a wild child.
Climbs onto the kitchen chair to reach the food set on the kitchen table.
Climbs onto the coffee table.
Basically climbs onto anything he can.
He's also good at climbing out of things. Strollers, shopping carts, the bathtub...
Still only says mama.
Is getting a tooth!
Plays hard all day.
Still naps. Usually twice a day.
Learning to wave goodbye.
Charms the heck out of everyone he meets.
Still has the best smile.
He's a complete mama's boy.
Not walking but he gets arounds quick.
He's growing so fast and I can just see how much he loves growing up.

My sweet boy...

This is probably the last of these monthly posts. Nico just does not like sitting still for pictures and I think capturing these past 12 (twelve, seriously!...) months this way was perfect. Each month when I'm writing the new post, I glance back at the old ones and I'm smitten with this little guy all over again. His smile! The way his hair grew! How he transformed from the tiniest babe to the dashing boy he is today!

I'll pop in every now and then with stats and fun little things he's doing and learning and saying but it'll be more casual.

For now, here's to our boy. Our dear sweet boy who has stolen all of our hearts. We love you!

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