January 23, 2016


It's Saturday afternoon and it's gray and cold outside. We saw a snow flurry or two earlier this morning which felt more like my dreams of actual snow being crushed more than excitement over the flurries themselves. 

Now the babe is napping, the girl is building Legos with her dad and I'm trying to get back on the blogging train. I'm also hoping to sneak away for a mama only shopping trip later! 

This week was a good one. Nico has been taking a few steps here and there. Though I think we're still a little ways from him full-on walking. Lia lost two teeth! She had a dental appointment for some work and she was under anesthesia. Apparently her bottom two teeth were hanging by threads so the dentist removed them for safety. She was loopy when she woke up and didn't believe me but she came around to the idea and was pretty excited the tooth fairy left her $2. I have no idea what teeth are going for these days! Just another thing they should put in that non-existing parenting manual.

In other Lia news, she received a few awards at school this week! Principal's Honor Roll and the Raider Award. Her school mascot/logo/whatever they call it is a Raider and the award is gifted every quarter to one or two kids per class and it recognizes their ability to be respectful and dependable and accountable along with some other things. But to see my girl walk up on stage, unexpected because the Raider Award is a surprise for the kids, and not melt down in front of the crowd makes me so incredibly proud of her. Kindergarten has helped her come a very long way in the social department.

Though I can't say it's tampered down any sassiness and attitude she dishes out to us. Ha, right?!

Other fun mentionables:
I started reading my old American Girl Molly books to Lia at night.
Bowling. Terribly, in my case.
Nico is thisclose to getting his first tooth.
Pizza night and The Lego Movie with my crew.
Lunch at a new restaurant with my guy.
And, twinkly lights and yellow flowers. 

Here's to the rest of the weekend. Stay warm and happy!

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