January 17, 2016


We started our week off checking in with the kids' pediatrician for N's one-year checkup. He's happy and healthy and very busy. We're working on transitioning him off milk and so far it's making him eat so much food! He had lunch with us at Chick-Fil-A and can I say that it felt a little weird to eat with one hand while making sure he had a steady supply of apples and chicken salad to feed himself with. This growing up thing gets me every time.

Things with Lia are a little rough still. She's struggling with sleeping through the night and we're working on staying calm and patient while trying to focus on making family time a chosen priority. On a fun note, she picked out her first "big" Lego set and we spent hours at the dining table building a cupcake cafe!

I'm settling into a new semester of school. I decided to drop one class that was going to involve more work than I originally thought and replaced with another class later this semester. Last year was so hard and though I am proud I made it through, I need a tiny break in the school department. Two classes is good for the first few months of this year.

The rest of the week was full of cleaning out the pantry and filling it back up. We have gotten really behind on food shopping and making regular meals. We're getting back on track. The pantry is full, the house is clean-ish (I have two tiny hurricanes that go by Nico & Lia...) and laundry is being tackled. And we used this long weekend to to snuggle on the sofa, pull out all the toys, and watch a few movies together.

And I am really excited that the weekend is still happening tomorrow! Happy Week, my friends.

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