January 9, 2016


Guys, we've officially wrapped up the first week of the year. I am feeling so grateful that the school week was short and it's Saturday and I'm eating fried chicken with my guy and watching trashy TV.

I feel like we're still in between the limbo of post holiday celebrations and getting into routines. School hasn't started for me and M yet so we still have a little free time to ourselves in the evenings and I even caught a mama's night in earlier playing board games and gabbing about our kids.

I wanted to make resolutions and maybe pick out one word for the year and wrap myself up in that "fresh start, feel good" feeling but real life never stopped so instead, I've decided to just start making better decisions. I'm trying hard to choose to slow down and breath. I think I am struggling with anxiety a little and sometimes I realize I am freaking out over the littlest of things. I don't think that there is anything terrible about my life so instead I'm just making better choices when I can. But that doesn't mean I didn't lick the cake batter bowl last night...

This week was a good one. It felt good to get L back in school and spend my days chasing after Nico. He's adventurous, for sure. The last of the Christmas decorations are coming down this weekend and the jumble of new toys have all found a place to belong in. Lia got to spend the morning in Build A Bear with her best friend. Her friend's mom took them out on a special date since they weren't able to be at her birthday party. It warms my heart that she's found such a good friend. 

 I'm excited to get back to blogging. I'm planning on starting up my normal series again and sharing lots about the kid's party and some sappy words on Nico turning one. 

There's so much this year can hold for us. I'm excited.

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