January 10, 2016


A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2016.

Lia: My beautiful, spirited girl is always asking to take a bath with her brother. She usually ends up telling him that he is in her personal space but still, she loves it.

Nico: My wild, adventurous boy finally loves bath time but he is such a wiggle worm that bath time ends up being a very quick in and out event.

I broke up with promise to stick with the project. A photo a week wasn't as hard as actually sorting photos into the right file and finding the time to put it all together here. I thought I was okay with it all until I looked back at what I did post this year and I realized I was really bummed that I left the project up in the air with only about 10 weeks left. So, I'm tackling it again. I'm excited to stock pile another year of photographs of my babes!

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