December 18, 2015


I haven't been keeping up with things here as much as I should! Which is more than likely the result of being overtired and mentally drained. I'm so excited about the holiday break that's here! No more uniforms and packing lunches. No more rushing out of the door early in the morning. No more papers and quizzes. Just some holiday cheer!

Classes are finally over for both M and I! I made all A's and I've got a shiny 4.0 GPA to show for all of my hard work and stress. 

Lia has been suffering from nightmares and sleep has been pretty rough lately for everyone. I am pretty sure her worries are stemming from an incident we had a few weeks ago with the fireplace. Long story short, the service tech was supposed to fix one small issue and somehow ignited the air around the fireplace causing some flames, ruined Christmas stockings, a loud smoke detector and drama and stress all around. Thankfully, no one was hurt. However, the kids were sitting at the kitchen table having lunch and they witnessed it all. My nerves were pretty shaken but L took it worst of all. We've got an appointment lined up to talk to her pediatrician and see if counseling is something we need to look into.

Nico, though, wasn't really affected. He is growing and weeks away from being ONE! He isn't walking yet but he speed crawls around the house getting into everything. He's such a ham and keeps us all smiling.

This week was full of getting things done and crossing off to-dos. Our house is as decorated as it's going to be! I'm starting the big birthday planning. Lia had a big day at school this week but she started running a fever while at school and now she's home resting it off. Though, I think a dose of Motrin did the trick because she seems to be in better spirits. We had family pictures taken earlier in the week and the few I've gotten a peek at turned out amazing! It's funny how something as simple as family photos turns everyone into basket cases right before the photos are taken. 

Other fun mentionables:
Surprising L (and her other school friends with birthdays this month too) at school with a fruit flower basket!
A donut morning.
Hand painted Christmas cards. That haven't been mailed yet. Oops!
Dreaming of a fluffy, long eared bunny that was looking for a local home.
A boy who took his diaper off during his nap.
And, a bowl (or two) full of summer fruit that tasted more ripe than I thought possible in the winter.

Here's to a fun holiday break, a plan to visit Santa over the weekend and blogging more often.

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