December 27, 2015


Another year, another performance. I have to say, my girl still amazes me. She loves dancing and she takes it seriously and she puts everything she has out on that stage.

This year the music came on and the girls started dancing and Lia ran off stage. My heart sank! I froze for a second, unsure if I should run backstage after her or let her work it out. It turns out, I wasn't needed. Her ballet teacher whisked her back on stage and she picked up where she left off like nothing had happened. The piece of tape that marks her place on the stage had been accidentally picked up by the curtains and she didn't know where to stand.

She couldn't wait to tell us all about it but otherwise, it didn't affect her. She wasn't embarrassed or shy. She didn't forget her steps. She was brave and beautiful!

Afterwards, we went out for pizza which was the complete opposite of a relaxing, fun family dinner but still, we celebrated!

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