December 29, 2015



Our girl turned six this evening and we celebrated by giving her reign over the entire day. She chose Build A Bear and mac & cheese for dinner!

I feel like 6 is one of the last ages where she's really a little girl. Already she loves listening to Bruno Mars and wearing my red lipstick. She's smarter than what's good for her. She knows when I say a bad word under my breath. And she never fails to point it out.

But, she's also sensitive and quiet. She wears her heart on her sleeve. She talks nonstop, but not always about the things that are bothering her. Unless she's scraped her leg and then you'll never hear the end of it.

She's funny and quirky. She's recently loving on Legos. She acts like a mom to her little brother and loves him more than anything. She takes her vitamins seriously. She loves books. She loves cellphone games too.

And no matter how many times a day I feel like I am parenting her wrong, or that I am failing, or that I really can't take another tantrum or attitude from her, she's perfect. My sweet baby who took her sweet time coming into this world is absolutely perfect.

Happy Birthday baby cakes. I am so excited for everything that's waiting for you!

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