December 17, 2015


Eleven months...

Learning the art of the high five.
Gives kisses.
Speed crawls.
Wears 6-12 months and looks handsome in everything.
Size 3 diaper.
Can't get enough of bathtime.
Kind of looks incredibly dashing with his hair parted to the side.
Learning to open and close his hands. He's fascinated by them.
Loves blocks and balls.
Also loves steering wheels. In shopping carts. On toys. In our cars.
Is the biggest flirt.
Takes a little too much enjoyment in dropping things over & over for mama to pick up.
Pretty obsessed with looking at family photographs on the walls.
We're still working on table foods. We recently tried corn and after him grabbing handful after handful maybe two pieces of corn were eaten!
Explores everywhere.
Sits still for almost nothing.
Still rocking that toothless grin.
And, he's loving on the babywearing again.

This little wild fella of ours is almost ONE!

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