November 7, 2015


There's so many little stories to tell from October. I write here to document everything. The little things, the big things, the good things, the bad things and whatever comes in between. I want to remember the stories in this life of ours. And I've been busy and distracted lately and my intention to blog regularly hasn't panned out so before I forget, here they are..

We had just left a street fair where both kids were pretty stellar all things considered and I made the boys stop so I could snap a few photos and I got this blurry shot that stole my heart. 

Nico took his first hay ride that day. It was too warm for October and I can't help thinking back to the same festival last year when that handsome guy was still growing in my belly. 

Celebrating all of us and our good grades with ice-cream! 

These donuts were a flop. But we made memories and the house smelled good!

The laundry room is still in progress but I stare at these stripes a little everyday.

I spent the entire day with my girl when I chaperoned her field trip to the pumpkin patch. Nothing is better than getting to see her in her element with her friends!

L's first school fall festival was fun and we wrapped up the night with a McDonalds run and dreaming of a fun weekend.

Target for the win.

And now, on to November and everything that is waiting for us!

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