October 22, 2015


I have to get it to our little town. It doesn't typically scream Fall around here. And that usually puts me in a funk right about now that makes me take cover in bed all day with a Meg Ryan marathon.

Actually, that sounds pretty good now anyways.

But! It's been feeling suspiciously like Fall lately. I do all of my homework at the kitchen table and from this little spot I've carved out for myself I have the perfect view of our dining room window. I've tried hundreds of times to photograph it but the lighting is never right and I can't really capture how perfect it is so I've stopped trying and settled for a mental picture instead. But, if I tried with words it would go a little something like this. I can see a black mouse cut-out that looks like it's quickly scrambling across the wall right underneath a window surrounded by black and white stripes. And through that window I can see our ghosts fluttering in the wind and the most perfect tree in the entire neighborhood.

I don't know how we got it but we did and it's the best tree in our little 'hood. It's big and full of large green leaves that have taken pity on our lack of Fall vibes and has turned golden brown leaving leaves scattered across our entire yard. And our neighbors yard. They are all welcome for that! When I'm sitting here and ignore the homework aspect, it's pretty dang awesome.

And now I'm rambling about a tree. To my point - it's feeling like Fall and I'm a fan. We decorated the porch more than we ever have for Halloween. I've got big plans for some cookie decorating with my girl this weekend and putting the finishing touches on costumes. October, you aren't half bad.

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