September 28, 2015


I almost don't know where to start. Life has somehow come to a screeching halt and sped by the past few days. Everything was normal, life was it's usual busy self.

Nico woke up around one in the morning early Thursday screaming. M went to get a bottle and I eventually climbed out of bed when it seemed his screaming wasn't stopping. He was refusing his bottle and refusing to be held but still screaming his lungs out. The screaming along with thrashing around in pain and pulling his knees up went off and on for around two hours. 

I drove him to the ER while M stayed home with Lia. The ER visit was one of the most stressful things I've gone through. Feeling helpless while your child screams and vomits and you're alone is really hard. They ran uncomfortable tests, took x-rays and CT scans and hours later we had an anwser - Intussusception. Basically, he had a serious condition where part of his intestine telescoped back into another part. It was something that had to be addressed right away but the hospital we were at weren't equipped for pediatrics. We waited around a few more stressful hours for an ambulance then our little guy was admitted to the hospital he was actually born in.

They are an amazing hospital with a great staff who had a room ready from the minute we arrived and a few minutes later he was in radiology for his procedure. We were incredibly lucky to catch this so early and he was able to avoid surgery. His procedure was very quick and successful. From the minute they were done and I had him back in my arms to calm him down there was an immediate change in his personality. The doctors there wanted to keep him overnight for observation so between the help of a friend and my mom, M and I were able to spend our time with Nico in the hospital and thankfully he was discharged late Friday morning. 

He has a follow-up this week with his pediatrician but things look great! He's eating and playing and sleeping through the night. He has his moments of being clingier and getting back on a nap schedule has been a little hard. There's a small chance an intussusception can occur again but we're keeping our hopes high that it doesn't.

To be honest, I really don't know what would have happened had I not taken his screaming for being out of the ordinary. Mama instincts are no joke and having a supportive husband beside me made a world of difference.

So for now, we're just getting back to life. Lia is battling a cold and I think it was pretty hard on her to have her parents away while she didn't totally get what was going on. We're tackling piles of homework and laundry and playing catch-up. But we're together and mostly healthy!


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