September 15, 2015


It's the middle of September and it's starting to feel a tiny bit like Fall. Cool breezes, sleeping with the windows open and candy corn, guys. It's going down.

I'm pretty late with this post. I honestly had it written around Labor Day and then life happened so we've already checked off a thing or two on the list but still, here we are!

I'm looking forward to...

A trip to North Carolina for my sister's wedding.
Fall TV shows! Grey's, Blacklist, Scandal... seriously, with all this homework, I miss nights of vegging out.
School picture day.
Planning Halloween costumes for two.
Cooler weather, maybe?
A trip or two to the Farmer Markets.
The return of story time and a whole new world of taking only one little on these outings.
And, a bowl of candy corn. 

Here's to my favorite time of the year and hopefully a better balance in my days.

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