September 2, 2015


There's so many smart and funny and good things on the Internet. Here's just a few!

An 80 foot slide. INSIDE THEIR HOUSE!

THIS mom trick for saving artwork. 

Because I am no good at this - how to use dry shampoo.  

The happy mom pledge. Kind of long but some of the points are so good.

SMELLY CAT! You guys, Lisa Kudrow and Tay Swift. Heart eyes for days!

A gorgeous post on my hometown

I've always wanted to move to New York City. Then, I read this and I thought "mmm, better not". 

This Beach Boys clip. Because, Jimmy Fallon.

Because I am forever swamped with schoolwork and laundry and chauffeuring these days, this post is a little late. But I hope you have a few minutes to enjoy, xo!

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