September 29, 2015


Things have been a little unsettled lately. I'm stressing about my classes and an English midterm and a History paper (which I finally wrote!).

I feel a bit like a hamster on a wheel. I keep moving forward and tackling to-do lists and getting things done but at the end of the day I feel like everything is piled back up again. I feel like I'm getting nowhere.

It sucks. And it feels really hard somedays. So, I just keep thinking that this time of our lives won't last forever. I'll finish this school semester. And so will M. We'll make it through the holidays and we'll enjoy them. Nothing lasts forever.

In the meantime, I've been trying (barely) to keep up with the blog and documenting our days. I've got mostly gritty iPhone shots to look back on but it's something. 

Life lately has looked like my books scattered around the house, a tiny baby boy with no fear who crawls everywhere, a busy husband who is a huge help and a sassy little kindergartener. Lots of sandwiches being made late at night to be tucked into her lunchbox. Piles of tiny laundry that needs to be stored away with the newborn sizes. Pumpkins on the porch. A laundry room project waiting around. But mostly, smiles and hugs throughout these crazy days of ours.


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