August 28, 2015


Life has been weird and busy and fun and GOOD and different and hard and it just keeps going. 

Kindergarten is going so well. Lia is thriving there and she's growing up that much faster. There hasn't been any complaints or shy-ness or any of the negatives I expected. She has made this transition with grace and maturity. Other than a few "I'm sleepyyy" responses in the morning when it's time to get up, she's rocking this.

College is going. Honestly, when I signed up for four classes (only three are active at one given time though - two are 16 week courses and two are 8 weeks), I was like all yeah, sure, bring it on. I'm sure I can handle this. No. Big. Deal. I've watched M juggle work and school for the past few years and his classes seemed completely manageable. Turns out, that's not the case for my classes. There is a lot of reading involved. And a lot of writing. And while that's just it - constant reading and writing and quizzes, it's hard. It's hard to make sure every single assignment is being turned in correctly and on time. It's hard to make my brain focus on giving my individual thoughts on the important of philosophy or what a certain poem meant when half of the time my brain is filled with a jumble over schedules and what's for dinner and did I pack L a snack for school and oh, I should do the laundry and crap, I completely forget about the dog. 

Nico is great. He's around 17 pounds and outgrowing all of his clothes. He's sitting up like a champ and he's pretty close to crawling. Having this sweet guy home helps with the heartache of not having Lia around all day anymore. Though, I can't help but thinking back to L's baby days and how they were centered around HER. This guy doesn't have the same luck. While I give him all the attention I can, life is just different this time around.

Everyone is sick this week, noses are running like faucets and I'm over snot and tissues and tiny coughs. 

But, we're all hanging in there and supporting each other. Lia loves to come home and help me clean, though most days she just wants to play with her toys. She misses her old freedom some kind of bad. Manny is amazing - working and still going to school. Weekends feel like heaven now. I look forward to them all week and two days of family time is exactly what we need when Friday rolls around. Even if weekends now look like cleaning and mowing the grass and getting everything together for a new week, they are just the best.

This weekend I'm off to the beach with my sisters for a girls trip to celebrate my little sister's bachelorette party. M has the kids at home solo and I know he's going to be so great. Next week brings my birthday and a new month. And hopefully I'll get back into the groove of life without constantly feeling behind on things. Here's to that!

Happy weekending!

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  1. I love her pink shoes! Have fun at the beach! I'd love a vacation lol. I do have a beach tripped planned for Spring Break but that's really far away =(


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