August 14, 2015


This week was full of Mondays. I felt pretty bad all week long. And parenting two kids on top of everything else took a toll. The days were long and hot. Dinner time drama was a thing. Bruises and scraped knees were a thing too.

But oh the good things that happened!

Lia met her Kindergarten teacher and we got to finally get a peek into her brand new school. It's huge.  And state-of-the-art with a lego lab and iPads for each student. The gym has that brand new smell and the potential of watching sports in the Fall sounds so good. As bittersweet as it is, I can't help but to be so excited for her.

Nico started really sitting up this week. He's pretty good at throwing himself backwards too but he's making such great progress with the sitting. He's also eating like a champ. As long as it's not green,  he wants you to shovel it in. We're getting sneaky over here with the vegetables, though.

We ventured out to the park on a cloudy day and met up with friends for story time. I found time to play around with my new laptop. I got to wear Nico in our new ring sling for a few hours and getting back to baby-wearing felt so right. And then there was the afternoon that both kids miraculously napped at the same time.

We plan to take the kids to a baseball game tonight and spend Saturday hunting down pants for Nico to wear to my sister's wedding. Here's to a great weekend, xo!

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