August 7, 2015


Friday has come around again and we've got a few good weekend plans!

This past week was good and busy and gave me a tiny taste of what's it's going to be like to add school to my schedule. 

We're down to 11 days before L starts kindergarten! And, Nico is hamming it up over here eating lots of food and trying to stand up on his own. 

We stayed home a lot this week. But, we did venture out to a park after I handled some school business and we spent one morning at the library filling up our bag with as many books as it could hold. These last few days of Summer are bittersweet and I'm trying to find a balance between go out and do all the things and staying sane. It's a juggling act, for sure.

But, here's to the weekend where we hope to cross off another thing or two from our summer list and the kids get to spend a few sweet hours with their grandma!

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