August 15, 2015


These last few days of Summer are flying by. Tomorrow is all we have before life once again changes before our eyes. We've kept the kids up and out late all weekend. Baseball games, donut runs, a movie in the backyard. We're trying to squeeze in every last minute we have.

I feel utterly unprepared for Monday morning. I still need to buy lunch things. And wash new school clothes. There's a brand new backpack waiting to be filled downstairs.

I can remember the day Lia was born like it was yesterday. Most of my labor with her was a blur but still, I remember it. And then I blinked and we're here. On the brink of Kindergarten. People say once they start school, you may as well go ahead and buy their cap and gown. I am terrified at how true that statement just might be.

My girl is starting Kindergarten. Time keeps moving ahead, faster than the day before, and I just want to dig my heels in. I want things to come to a screeching halt. I want to go back and relive a few more days from last week. I need to soak in the feelings of having my two babes home with me. I want to dig my heels in the ground and scream STOP! We're not ready. She's not ready! We aren't doing this.

But she is ready. And, we'll figure out how to be ready. Time doesn't really care how I feel. It can be brutal sometimes. 

Our sweet girl is funny and kind and clever and so beautiful. She's learning to say how she feels and what she means. She gets a little braver each day. She is so ready for this new chapter in her life. She's got so many things ahead of her and so many good things to put down in her story. 

I'm not really sure how to let go. I don't know how to be okay with it. But, I do know how to love her like crazy. And, I do know how to be excited for her.

So, come Monday morning, when I drag myself out of bed exhausted and terrified, I'll help her into her uniform, I'll show her how to pull her socks all the way to her knees and watch as she buckles up her brand new shoes. I'll take extra care to pin her hair out of her eyes. 

Then, we'll walk her into school. We'll walk her into the next nine years of her life with brave looks on our faces because even though we really want to curl up in a corner and cry, we know our girl is going to rock this.

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