August 18, 2015


Seven months...

Has me like whoa. He's less of a baby and more of a mobile, squawking babe.
Is all about the ring sling.
He plays shy and buries his head into whoever is holding him. It kills me. It's THAT cute.
Is the happiest babe around.
LOVES solids.
Size 3 diapers. Mostly 6-9 and 6-12 month clothing.
Still a pretty good sleeper.
Always sleeps on his stomach or side now.
Hey Jude remains our magic tool.
Mastered sitting up... mostly.
Is so close to crawling. He gets up and rocks back and forth but it always ends up in him falling down or over.
Gets to have a little taste of being an only child since big sister started Kindergarten.
Finally, FINALLY loves bath time.
Looking more like a little man every day.

He's a babe.

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