August 27, 2015


Reading... Me Before You. This was this month's book club pick and I've yet to finish it. I'm bummed that reading has been pushed down on the totem pole but I carry the book around anyways hoping for a few minutes to escape.

Cramming... all. the. time. My course load is no joke and I feel like I'm constantly buried in my macbook and reading long chapters on history and countless poems that I don't understand.

Packing for... a girl's weekend trip at the beach!

Pining for... Fall! Plaid and gingham and oxfords. Pumpkins and costumes. It's all so dreamy...

Nostalgic for... the days when Lia was a tiny babe. 

Trying out... a new weekly routine. Things are weird and busy and my mind is craving to feel put together.

Spending... a lot of time in the car. Since becoming a school mom, I feel more like a chauffeur then ever.

Catching up... with blog posts! 

Feeling... like a big ball of anxiety most days.

Loving... my little family that is keeping me grounded on even the most crazy days. 

Please feel free to link up any of your "currently" posts in the comments, xo!

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