July 24, 2015


We're home, we're home, we're home! I don't know if it's been all the traveling we've done this summer and the few trips we've still got to make but I missed our home the most this past week we were in New York.

Like crazy missed it. I missed our comfy sofa and our green bedroom and all our spacious bathrooms. Silly little things, really. But home is just the best, I think.

As soon as we landed on Tuesday and grabbed lunch and naps were taken, we stocked up on food and fresh flowers at the grocery store and made dinner at home. I've cleaned like a mad woman the past few days, tackled laundry piled high as mountains, finished up a book and relished being home.

We have no solid plans for the weekend and I kind of like it that way. I hope you enjoy yours, xo!

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