July 4, 2015


I'm writing this early so by the time you read it, we'll be spending our weekend in North Carolina with our sweet girl back in our arms!

We had the best weekend last week. Babies run on a different schedule than 5 year olds. I miss our silly girl running around, chattering about all kinds of things and never ceasing to ask us to play with her. But, spending a weekend with just the boys was pretty nice. It was quiet and slow. We grabbed burgers together, picked up paint swatches and watched TV together after the littlest was asleep for the night. The babe and I layed in bed chatting with M while he prepped our room for paint.

And, our week was short and sweet. Errands, laundry, dinners together. I finished up Orange is the New Black and cracked open a new book. Simple things really.

I'm excited to start next week with our girl back!

Happy weekending and Happy Fourth of July!

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