July 27, 2015


Six months...

Pretty much spends all day smiling.
Loves when his sister reads stories to him in the morning.
Wears 3-6 months and a few 6-12 things.
Size 2 diaper.
Becoming more of a fan of eating every day. He's a fan of all the orange foods (peaches, squash, sweet potatoes).
Is so close to sitting up on his own.
Wants to move, move, move all the time.
Has chunky thighs that I love, love, LOVE.
Naps good, eats good, lives good.
Finally clearing up the cradle cap.
Has a little excema that flairs up now and then.
Hammed it up in New York meeting all kinds of new people.
And, loved his first swing ride!
Rolls over and over and over.
Everything goes straight to his mouth these days.
Is outgrowing his sleepsack.
Mostly a side sleeper now.
And, I caught him sleeping on his stomach, curled up with his stuffed frog early this morning and it hit me so hard just how much he looked like a kid and not a baby.

This boy is almost 7 months old (because mama is behind, again) and growing like a weed. He changes daily and my heart loves him more and more each minute.

He's just the happiest and the best and I love him so much it hurts in the best way possible.

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