July 2, 2015


Lia is at her grandparents house in North Carolina this week and I'm missing her so! Lots of big things have been happening for her - graduation,  her ballet recital, new glasses and prepping for Kindergarten. I feel like growth comes in full spurts and leaves you begging time to slow down. So, it seems like a perfect time to catch up with some posts all about her.

She graduated from pre-kindergarten last month! We had a little party at home after the ceremony and my sister and nephew drove into town to celebrate with us. There was pink cake and we finally gave her the scooter she's been begging for. She's, of course, ridden it only a handful of times since :)

I love seeing her grow up. A big part of me is pretty bummed my side kick is going to school full-time this Fall but she's ready for the next step. And how can I not be excited to watch her grow?

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