June 26, 2015


I spent yesterday thinking it was Friday and tried to make plans to see a baseball game tonight completely forgetting about book club. It's been one of those 'can't get my head together' weeks.

But, today is Friday and things are getting done and there's a weekend of potential just waiting for us.

Lia has been in North Carolina with her grandparents since Tuesday. Poor girl has a bit of a stomach virus hanging out with her but she really didn't want to miss her week with them. We let her go and part of me knows she's making summer memories that will last forever and the other part just wants my sweet girl back home in my arms. We face-time at least once a day and she tells me what she's been eating and asks about her brother a million times and tells me how she built a tent out of chairs and blankets and it crumpled down on her.

Meanwhile, it's been Nico and me around the house. I forgot what its like to have only a baby around. We snuggle on the sofa and play with toys and walk around looking out of the windows and I tell him that beautiful, magical world is all his. And when he naps, I unload the dishwasher and clean things.

We spent a lot of time in the pediatrician's office this week. My guy brought me flowers. The sofa covers got a good cleaning. I cooked dinner a few times. Read a book or two and binged on Netflix. There was a post-office run and we strolled through Target.

And now, one very short morning nap is over and I'm off to mother a very adorable boy.

Happy weekend, xo!

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