June 19, 2015


It's Friday and I think that calls for a few extra smiles! We've been cooped up inside the house every single day this week. It's just been too hot to take the kids to the park or even the backyard. And as charming as our town is, there's not really a good choice for a public outdoor pool. Womp, womp....

I think we're all itching to get out and do something fun. Which means, Father's Day needs to be great! In the meantime, I'm looking for fun indoor things that help break up our day. We did escape to the movies on Tuesday. Popcorn and air conditiong, for the win. It was Nico's first movie and the boy rocked it.

He also rocked his 4 month well-visit, only he wasn't so well. He's been running a high fever for about 24 hours from a viral throat infection. It finally broke this morning and he's been acting more like himself. We even got a few belly laughs out of him.

Other favorites from the week:
Milkshakes and watching The Astronaut Wives Club with my guy.
Organizing art supplies and seeing the artwork that comes from a little girl having more access to it.
A little shopping. Gap has some of the best rompers for babes.
And, watching a movie after dinner with my girl!

Here's to a great weekend and a Happy Father's Day to all of the guys!

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