June 12, 2015


It's Friday and it's summer time! Today has been all about just hanging out, spending a few hours at the pool, playing letter games and trying to get a certain little boy to eat. Lia gets really excited over Kindergarten prep and Nico just wants to eat his bib or feet. And I have a pretty basic rule when it comes to hot days - don't turn down pool invites!
This week has made me feel like the world's most boring mom. I had so much catching up to do after vacation that I didn't have much time to give to anyone or anything else. I'm pretty sure I could have gotten lost in the piles of laundry.

My parents are driving down tonight and L's got ballet practice tonight and her big recital tomorrow. So, I predict a big weekend ahead! And I've got plans to jot down a summer list of sorts.

I think this afternoon calls for popcorn and puzzles (and laundry, to keep it real). Here's to lazy summer days! Have a great weekend!

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